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I Need A Post Title

As you can tell by the unoriginal title, I can’t be assed.  Figured I hadn’t blogged in a while and should post some stuff.

So what have I been doing?  Short of typical issues that arise with family n stuff, I’ve not done anything terribly extravagant…I’ve been working, did some work in the garden getting the weeds etc under a bit more control ready for BBQ season.  Other than that I’ve devoted a lot of time and effort into Minecraft, been playing Kingdoms of Camelot, Monopoly Millionaires, Zombie Lane & Millionaire City on Facebook.  Found the Heyzap! app on Android so been playing a few games on there, downloaded DJ Rivals, Paradise Island, Word Feud and Stupid Zombies.

Other than that, I’ve just changed the blog theme today so it looks pretty funky (I think anyways).

My PS3 (Phat) has YLOD’d again so need to sort it out again.  Haven’t even bothered to open her up again to assess whether the thermal compound needs redoing or if the board needs reflowed again.  It was timed well for PSN going down, so am not missing out on any Plus or Store content.

Still waiting on CFW 3.60 for my other machine – been looking at ways to try and sync trophies off of my Slim but so far there’s no way at all.

Bit concerned over the hack on the PSN with personal data being compromised…Sony are getting sued and also assessing what sort of  ways are available to compensate Plus users as well as users who need PSN for certain game types.

And that is pretty much it.

Think I might get back onto Minecraft seeing as my hayfever is really bad today and continue with my epic railroad that I’m tryna build…

Killing Time

I’m waiting for my machine to finish extending the FAT32 partition on one of my external HDDs and it’s taking aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages so I figured I’d sit down, try and make my way through an ever increasing, neglected list of podcasts.

But then I thought I’d type shit whilst doing so…and here I am, typing random shit to pass the time.

I’m listening to the OPM podcast (episode 20) where they’re discussing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and I have this hollow feeling and an extraordinary desire to play Oblivion…but I traded that in many moons ago (insert sad face here).

In other news, in the excitement of me resolving the YLOD issue on my old ‘Phat’ PS3, a patch has been released in the past week or so for Mass Effect 2 to resolve the save game corruption issues and a few other bugs which seems to have done the trick…yay!

Had to tinker a little bit with aforementioned ‘Phat’ PS3, due to the fact my blu-ray drive wasn’t working.  When the YLOD happened, my GTA IV disc was stuck in it’s cold embrace.  I opened said drive, and managed to remove the disc.  But this set it to the lock position where the drive still believed a disc was inside.  After a couple of hours of taking apart, tweaking, rebuilding and repeat three or four times and the job was complete.

After typing this far, data movement on the partitioning front has moved a whole 1%.  Bearing in mind it had been sat on 1% for at least 45 minutes before I started typing so in less than an hour it has gone up to 2%.  I’m running out of shit to type now…although it’s a couple of minutes until my dinner is ready…so I guess this is as good a time to come to a close than any.

PS3 – Light Of My Life


Well, it’s been a while since it happened (view original post here) but it’s all sorted now – woohoo!

So, I ended up buying a Slim after this happened and had been meaning to try and tackle the YLOD problem as soon as possible.  Only did it yesterday and many noticeable differences already.

The machine is a lot quieter, it sounds exactly like the Slim when its on whereas before the YLOD it was like it was a tractor in a previous life.  This is a common observation for most sufferers who fixed it.  It’s as if Sony had done a half-assed job when putting them together…which can be backed up by the thermal compound.

If you follow this guide, like I did, you’ll notice he states to make a very thin, even layer on the plates with the thermal compound. When I took mine apart, they looked like this:


Not sure how long it’ll last but if it lasted a good couple of years with the compound done incorrectly as you can tell from the above pic then, in theory, it should last a lot longer – unless the board needs to be reflowed on a regular basis as a result of the original problem…time will tell.

If you have the same issue, follow the guide – I really didn’t think it’d work and I had to kinda close my eyes and squint when I first powered it on out of fear that it’d blow up, but also out of curiosity as to if it would actually work.

PS3 Yellow Light Of Death


Well, I never would have thought this would happen to me, having had a launch console and having no issues related to firmware updates etc. I figured my console was the überbeast of the next gen ensemble and then, yesterday, a sudden flash of light and then the dreaded 3 beeps.

After sheer panic and life flashing before my eyes, I figured Youtube would have the answer…or just Google.  There are some great guides out there but the one I am 99.9% certain will help me requires me to have a heat gun, heatsink and heatsink remover – click here to view it.

What I found interesting during my searches online, were the amount of people having the issue which I had barely heard of before and also, it had recently been on Watchdog.

Anyway, I have taken her apart and cleared out a shed load of dust and the reason I believe the above will be my fix is because of the fact the PSU doesn’t reek implying it’s been burnt out and the fan appears fine also.  What I did find when I prized her open was:


This is one of the symptoms noted on the web where the machine overheats causing the heatsink to crack etc.  I tried the hairdryer trick but that didn’t do anything.

Surprisingly the unit is easy to disassemble but can be a tad tricky to put back together…I ended up with 3 unused screws.  Couldn’t be bothered to relocate their homes seeing as I will be taking her apart again once I get the required tools to hopefully sort it.

One thing to be wary of, as you can imagine, are the scams out there.  There are a lot of guides where you’re asked to pay for them etc. and what shocked me more was I posted a few Tweets with the #LYOD hashtag and within seconds I had mentions where people were trying to force these scams on me…

Most people will swear by gilksy1’s guides on Youtube and I followed them to open the beast up but obviously couldn’t do the heatsink parts, but the guides are detailed and clear so anyone else unfortunate enough to suffer this issue should find this helpful.

As the “phat” PS3s are no longer sold most will be out of warranty unless you took extended cover – obviously, by doing this, your warranty will be void.

In the UK, from what I can find on the web, Sony charge you £130+ to repair YLOD issues which, if you can aford it, you could get a new console with some other games you don’t own and perhaps a larger hard drive.

I have a couple of reasons why I can’t/won’t do that:

  • Can’t afford it
  • Don’t want to give up the 4 USB ports and media card slots

One thing I should have picked up pn a long time ago, however, is the fact my console has been LOUD from day 1 – I just assumed this was normal for a beast of a machine but I also remember thinking it was odd hot air was blowing out of the fan when most other people I know who have PS3s blow nice cool air…hindsight; it’s a fantastic thing.

Stay tuned for an update when I can get this taken further!

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