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Carry On Rimming

So after yesterday’s battle and Googling the save data issue I spent the latter part of the day trying out Brute Force.  I spent a little bit of time on it and got nowhere – feeling as exasperated I was I decided to just forget the whole thing.  But me being me, ideas come to me as I’m lying in bed trying to sleep and they plague me so I was determined to sort it out today.

Last night, I ended up deleting EVERYTHING Skyrim related from my PS3 as I couldn’t even make a save file if I started a new game.  By doing so, it resolved that issue.

This morning, I then took my fresh save file and used it in Brute Force to suss out a way of getting it to patch my old save.  I followed this helpful video guide:

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Skyrimmed – FML

It’s been a long time since I’ve played my PS3 so I decided to fire up Skyrim – 168 hours invested in it so far and after having watched Game of Thrones I figured it’s the closest I can get to feeling like I’m in Westeros in a game.  Lo and behold, for some stupid reason my game is telling me my save belongs to another user and trophies cannot be gained nor will I be able to save.  The save is mine as are all 6 others and all of them are the same.

I’ve deleted game data, removed any updates and reinstalled and still the same.

I’ve tried using Brute Force to re-sign my game save to me and when copying it over I just get a message saying it’s corrupted.  I have a jailbroken PS3 so I even tried the built in file manager on Multiman and copied it that way – the save loads but same issue.  I’ve Googled it and followed everything I can find and I am still at a loss.  The only other thing I can think is my user profile on the console has no assigned PSN account (I deleted the user account and recreated it) and I can’t register a PSN account as my ID and console are banned (circumvention ban hammer).

So…anyone else have any other ideas?

Blog This!

Every time I make a new post, I generally start off with something along the lines of “It’s been a while”…I then go on to say I need or will start to blog more regular and it never happens.

So I won’t start off with that.  I’ll blog when I can be bothered…it’s not like anyone takes the time to read what I say anyway so this is more like the digital equivalent to thinking aloud.

Perhaps I spread myself too thin to run various blogs covering topics etc and then couldn’t be bothered to maintain them based on the fact I’m the sole content generator/content re-sharer.

So, what have I been doing lately?

Milking my free Netflix that came to an end last week, reading comics and sorting out my collection, working, listening to podcasts, trying to run a new page on Facebook for Kevin Smith fans, playing my PS3 and the good old parenting malarkey. Exciting stuff.

I do plan on writing up my (somewhat late) review of Aliens Colonial Marines (which is a fantastic game in my opinion).

So, until next time!

GTA V Wishlist

GTA IV was a good game. But it wasn’t great.  For me, it just didn’t live up to the hype.  Graphically it was beautiful, with neat little touches and lighting effects etc.  Plot-wise it was your standard GTA serving of go here, do this, come back with a few B,C,D,E,Fs in between your run-of-the-mill A-Z.

That being said, I am excited about GTA V – just like I am with pretty much every Rockstar project that’sannounced or hinted at by domain registrations and teaser images etc that get ‘leaked’.

I think my biggest gripe with GTA IV is that a lot of good ideas in San Andreas, Vice City etc were removed – such as the business empire aspect.  The set-pieces however, were remarkable – my favourite part of GTA IV was the bank heist/street shoot-out that was the perfect way to capture that awesome set of scenes from Heat and slam it into a game.

So, what do I want in GTA V?

  • Bring back businesses to extort/bust out/buy out to earn extra cash
  • Have a more realistic game world similar to Red Dead whereby the people around you seem more unique with more spontaneous acts of human nature take place – for example, you’re near a nightclub/bar and it’s late and piss heads start to stumble out onto the street vomiting, pissing in an alley or getting jiggy in amongst some trash cans with someone they just pulled in the club etc.
  • More customisation options like in San Andreas such as going to the gym to buff up but have it a bit more realistic that you don’t get all beef cakey after 5 trips to the gym
  • The ability to pimp out your crib similar to Saints Row and have the items fully interactive but notto the point where it’s a straight rip of the Sims
  • Have your face in the game – similar to EA’s game face – have the ability to either import your face via the PS Eye or using a digital camera to then copy to your PS3 drive and import via an in-game file browser
  • As well as having your own face, have the game use your name – again something EA have done well within their sporting franchises
  • And after the previous 2, ultimately be able to be a female character as opposed to male which is something GTA has always done previously allowing gamer girls to use the above 2 features also
  • Still have the mobile phone or get more modern by purchasing in-game items with comical names for common every day devices such as tablet PCs, iPhone rip-offs etc
  • Co-op (which appears to be in anyway) for the main story like in Mercenaries 2 and varous other games that have utilised the feature
  • More creative mission types and the ability to affect the story line with a bit more impact than that of GTA IV where it was only the ending that really changed based on your acts
  • When busted, have the opportunity to be in prison where you can make contacts on the inside and become even more notorious as well as try and bust out/instigate a riot – or this could be a team based nline match type with guards vs inmates
This is all I an think of at the moment but may add to this as time goes on.
What do you think?  Have you got any other ideas you’d like to add?

Mass Effect Replica Gun

No Fun In The Sun

Anyone that knows me will know how much I detest the XBox.  However, I don’t see this as a go at just XBox, this is yet another stab at the gaming industry as a whole.  The issue with this is the ignorance and presumptious nature of an uppity journalist sparking panic over something totally unrelated to the death.

The above death was due to Deep Vein Thrombosis, the fact he was playing his XBox wasn’t the cause of death – it was a factor in it but that’s where the link dies.  I won’t reel off the causes of DVT but the fact he barely moved and more than likely suffered dehydration as well was all it took.  The mere fact he played the XBox during these periods of non-movement was circumstantial.  He could easily have been sitting watching TV or any other activity that he could partake in while sitting down.

A headline like this, when most of our kids or even ourselves have games consoles can spark mass hysteria and at that stage, readers have lost their sense of logic and coherence and don’t differentiate fiction from the inferences made in the article.

It’s shit like this that adds fuel to the misguided fools’ plight against gaming and yet another thing that infuriates me – although, I’m not gonna stab someone over this as these journos would look at my games collection and point the finger at Rockstar for it!

Halflife Crysis – Crysis 2 Review

I’m gonna start off by saying that this game is fucking awesome.  I’ve been playing it over the past two days, not far from the end with 30% trophies unlocked.  For  a relatively linear shooter, there is plenty to do.  As you’d expect, there are collectibles scattered throughout the levels, but, there aren;t many on each one to collect (unlike many other shooters like Call of Duty, Battlefield Bad Company etc) which is good as it doesn’t take you out of the game hunting for little trinkets while the world is being invaded around you.

Graphically, this game is a visual orgasm with lighting effects being one of the highlights.  Quite far into the game, one section almost took my breath away; I’ve just knocked the power out and I’m now trying to escape in the dark using thermal vision.  My nanosuit energy has depleted and I know there is a CELL soldier nearby as I heard him but my thermal vision cuts out and all is dark.  He opens fire and the bursts of light from his gun barrel as well as a few of his com padres who have now joined him light up the room in a firework display of bullets and ricochet sparks.

I have never played the original game but another incredibly strong point for this game is the story.  I won’t reveal any spoilers but the story is well complimented by excellent voice overs and musical score.  The typical plot twists and turns are all there but they don;t come across as cliched or overdone.

The game has a wealth of cool weapons but the biggest and most integral part of the game is the nanosuit.  It gives you special abilities, but again, in an interesting but welcome turn, there aren’t to many features you get bombarded with.  The idea is simple, R2 activates the suits cloaking mechanism allowing stealthy approaches and stealth kills.  L2 activates the suits increased armour allowing you to take substantially more damage.  Later in the game, as you kill the Ceph (the alien invaders) you pick up nano catalyst points to upgrade your abilities.

One thing, plot-wise I really liked was the fact that the Ceph don’t actually appear from the on-set.  You initially tussle with CELL troops and it takes a few levels before you meet the Ceph so there’s an element of suspense as to who and what you’re really dealing with.

So, if like me, you’ve never played Crysis then get out and get this.  If you have, then you should go and get it too!

Overall, I give this a cybernetically superior 9/10.


Yesterday, I started Mortal Kombat (2011) aka Mortal Kombat 9.  I decided to google MK9 to see what easter eggs or what features I will come across along my journey and I was overjoyed when I found out that “Toasty!” is back.

For years, I always though Dan Forden said “Whoopsie” back on MK2 – my brother and I would play it til our thumbs bled!

Beat ’em ups are not my strongest game genre, I am a button-basher and I ain’t ashamed to admit it.  However, I am determined to work on some skill and find Dan in this installment – there are various reports of sightings of Dan – some say it’s after spamming uppercuts but not the the point of spamming them…others say it’s just pure random.  Either way, I will find him and I intend to capture the moment!

I wouldn’t mind hearing from others striving to get that illustrious “Toasty!” or from people who have got it and how they came about it!

At The Brink

Got Brink today and I’m so chuffed it works on CFW KMEAW 3.55 using the modded EBOOT.BIN and the edited PARAM.SFO.

Graphically, the game seems really impressive so far and it reminds me a lot of Timesplitters (based on the human character models) and the over exaggerated muscles, jawlines and facial real estate.

Gameplay-wise it admittedly took me a little while to figure out what was going on.  Solo play sees you taking on team-based objectives with the AI (which so far seems to be up to scratch).  The gameplay itself reminds me of the typical team-based online multiplayer rounds such as Capture The Flag, Seek & Destroy etc.  It is quite similar to Star Wars Battlefront except most of the combat takes place inside narrow corridors and very tight rooms.

The action itself is pretty frenetic with kills, explosions, and blood practically everywhere.  Add into the mix the different character classes and abilities and you have hidden mines, operatives disguised as your team and turrets to contend with and make you rethink your strategy.

Seeing as I’m playing this on CFW I can’t try out the online aspects but I know for a fact that the action will be even more insane!

In terms of the game itself, it has had mixed reviews but for the points picked out so far, the only thing I can see if the repetitive aspect of the game but, lets be fair – so many big hitters are repetetive.  GTA: drive here, kill him, drive back.  Fallout: explore here, pick something up, kill some mutants, go back.  FIFA: Kick ball, pass, shoot, score, back to centre.

It may be too early to tell, but I really like the game and love the customisation options available based on XP and unlocked clothing, weapons and abilities.

So, for my first stab at a game review on here…I’m gonna give it…8/10.

This…Is For…….Matilda – Osama Bin Leon

The CIA are still conducting analysis on the data recovered from Osama Bin Laden‘s shag pad in Pakistan.  Amongst the data they recovered a Jailbroken PS3 running CFW 3.60, a jailbroken iPhone on 4.3.3 and an XBox 360 with the head of a goat as a makeshift case for a terabyte of “white” porn.

It is suspected that Bin Laden was a member of ‘Anonymous’, the group who conducted DDoS attacks on a number of Sony sites and were suspected of the PSN hack which has rendered the PSN useless for over a week.

Rumours are rife that Bin Laden is not dead – some say it’s a ploy to shake up the Al Qaeda ranks and draw the higher ranking terrorists, including Bin Laden himself,  out to allow a direct assault on them once and for all.  Others think it’s merely a vote-winning tactic as Obama wasn’t doing too well in office.

Some say Bin Laden faked his death to release some posthumous albums in the footseps of Tupac Shakur to shake the world up.

However, there is evidence to support a new theory.

Upon inspection, Bin Laden’s living room was fully equipped with a 5.1 surround sound home cinema.  In the DVD player was a copy of  ‘Leon’.

The theory goes that when the Navy SEALs raided his home, Bin Laden was able to create a distraction using dry ice, a paper clip, 2 elastic bands and a handful of monkeys.  During this distraction, it is believed that Bin Laden was able to take down one of the SEALs and steal his clothes in the same fashion as the closing scenes of the movie.

It is a well known fact that the SEALs had been hunting for Bin Laden for many years and in doing so, were trained to think like him in order to find his championship winning hiding place.  As part of this methodology, they took the task seriously, fashioning themselves after Bin Laden himself therefore meaning that the body found was that of a look-a-like.  A twist of irony perhaps considering what Saddam Hussein used to do as regular practice to avoid detainment…

Be safe out there.

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