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GTA V Wishlist

GTA IV was a good game. But it wasn’t great.  For me, it just didn’t live up to the hype.  Graphically it was beautiful, with neat little touches and lighting effects etc.  Plot-wise it was your standard GTA serving of go here, do this, come back with a few B,C,D,E,Fs in between your run-of-the-mill A-Z.

That being said, I am excited about GTA V – just like I am with pretty much every Rockstar project that’sannounced or hinted at by domain registrations and teaser images etc that get ‘leaked’.

I think my biggest gripe with GTA IV is that a lot of good ideas in San Andreas, Vice City etc were removed – such as the business empire aspect.  The set-pieces however, were remarkable – my favourite part of GTA IV was the bank heist/street shoot-out that was the perfect way to capture that awesome set of scenes from Heat and slam it into a game.

So, what do I want in GTA V?

  • Bring back businesses to extort/bust out/buy out to earn extra cash
  • Have a more realistic game world similar to Red Dead whereby the people around you seem more unique with more spontaneous acts of human nature take place – for example, you’re near a nightclub/bar and it’s late and piss heads start to stumble out onto the street vomiting, pissing in an alley or getting jiggy in amongst some trash cans with someone they just pulled in the club etc.
  • More customisation options like in San Andreas such as going to the gym to buff up but have it a bit more realistic that you don’t get all beef cakey after 5 trips to the gym
  • The ability to pimp out your crib similar to Saints Row and have the items fully interactive but notto the point where it’s a straight rip of the Sims
  • Have your face in the game – similar to EA’s game face – have the ability to either import your face via the PS Eye or using a digital camera to then copy to your PS3 drive and import via an in-game file browser
  • As well as having your own face, have the game use your name – again something EA have done well within their sporting franchises
  • And after the previous 2, ultimately be able to be a female character as opposed to male which is something GTA has always done previously allowing gamer girls to use the above 2 features also
  • Still have the mobile phone or get more modern by purchasing in-game items with comical names for common every day devices such as tablet PCs, iPhone rip-offs etc
  • Co-op (which appears to be in anyway) for the main story like in Mercenaries 2 and varous other games that have utilised the feature
  • More creative mission types and the ability to affect the story line with a bit more impact than that of GTA IV where it was only the ending that really changed based on your acts
  • When busted, have the opportunity to be in prison where you can make contacts on the inside and become even more notorious as well as try and bust out/instigate a riot – or this could be a team based nline match type with guards vs inmates
This is all I an think of at the moment but may add to this as time goes on.
What do you think?  Have you got any other ideas you’d like to add?

No Fun In The Sun

Anyone that knows me will know how much I detest the XBox.  However, I don’t see this as a go at just XBox, this is yet another stab at the gaming industry as a whole.  The issue with this is the ignorance and presumptious nature of an uppity journalist sparking panic over something totally unrelated to the death.

The above death was due to Deep Vein Thrombosis, the fact he was playing his XBox wasn’t the cause of death – it was a factor in it but that’s where the link dies.  I won’t reel off the causes of DVT but the fact he barely moved and more than likely suffered dehydration as well was all it took.  The mere fact he played the XBox during these periods of non-movement was circumstantial.  He could easily have been sitting watching TV or any other activity that he could partake in while sitting down.

A headline like this, when most of our kids or even ourselves have games consoles can spark mass hysteria and at that stage, readers have lost their sense of logic and coherence and don’t differentiate fiction from the inferences made in the article.

It’s shit like this that adds fuel to the misguided fools’ plight against gaming and yet another thing that infuriates me – although, I’m not gonna stab someone over this as these journos would look at my games collection and point the finger at Rockstar for it!


I’ve added a link to the forum on the menu bar at the top of the blog.

Kinda been left idle for a while and I’ve deleted a lot of old stuff to make way for new content.

I would really appreciate my readers to give it a look and help make it a thriving community.

I am open to any ideas for board categories and would also like some help with moderators as well.


How Do You Know If You’ve Spent Too Much Time On Red Dead Redemption?

A question many people will ask themselves or others may ponder about their friends that have dumped them for, what has to be, the game of the year. Inspired by this months Official Playstation Magazine in the “mail@opm” feature, I felt compelled to share the symptoms or behaviours listed but add a few of my own.


  • Instead of setting your lunch appointments for 12pm, you now arrange them for high noon
  • You can’t understand why people look at you funny when you tell them you spent yesterday playing five-finger fillet
  • You insist on everyone calling you Django or John GG Tucker
  • You stop addressing your friends with “Hi, mate”.  It’s “Howdy, partner” now.
  • At the local boozer, your favourite drink is now whiskey, straight from the bottle
  • You have an appointment with your bank to inquire about a loan and down payment options on a horse
  • When not playing, you keep your Sixaxis (now called a six-shooter) in a holster
  • You don’t lock up your car/bike/moped any more, you tie it to a lamp post
  • When tying up your car/bike/moped to a lamp post isn’t enough, you brand your initials into it
  • You’re annoyed that you’re reading this because it took up five minutes of quality RDR time you’ll never get back

My own:

  • Instead of calling people twats or cunts, you refer to them as “pandejos” now
  • When you walk along the street your mind plays the typical spaghetti western-style music and your body naturally makes you walk like you’ve just rode a horse for 9 days straight…or you’ve shat yourself
  • You continually crave to be sat by a campfire eating beans out of the can
  • You look at a map and can’t figure out why you can’t fast travel when you’ve already been there countless times
  • You sit in a taxi or other public transport and want to skip the journey and get there with a minor load time
  • As you go about your day you spot a variety of animals and estimate how much your local corner shop would give you for their hides/teeth/claws etc.
  • Every time you see a man (or a woman, in some cases) with a moustache, you rate it on a scale of 1-10
  • After rating the moustaches, you try to picture which one would look best on you
  • If you pass someone you know, your hand inadvertently raises to your forehead to tip your invisible stetson
  • When someone runs past you in the street you reach for a non existent lasso to rope them in
  • If you see a riderless horse you feel compelled to “break them in”
  • On a typical night out you mentally rack up how much of a bounty could be on your head for your wreckless acts of enjoyment
  • You don an “elegant suit” on your poker nights so you can cheat

I may come back to this and revise it at some point.

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