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Paradise Lost (& Never To Be Found Again)

Over the past week since being stricken with the pox and knocking me completely for six, among the fever dreams and feeling sorry for myself a few notions dawned on me.

I’ve blogged before about the fact that aspects of my childhood can never be enjoyed by my children as times have changed and technology has taken over and the fact this saddens me deeply. I started to watch Warm Bodies as well as read more of Rise of The Governor and the biggest thing to me out of these concepts, especially in Revolution, is that the current generation would never survive because everything they’ve come to know and take as the every day norm wouldn’t exist as it’s all based on technology.  Even I have become sheltered and lost a lot of ‘smarts’ I once owned as a boisterous adventurer.

In the event of zombies or a global power take-down, most of our memories would be gone.  Digital photographs stored on the inter-webs, memoires tippy-tappy-typed on blogs, videos of special occasions inaccessible as Youtube is no more.  It’s a horrifying concept and one that all of us in developed countries will be able to relate to even partially.  People like me think me can’t comprehend the absurdity of people who don’t own laptops, have wi-fi or own a mobile phone.  Perhaps they have it right.  Perhaps they have the correct set of priorities…

The trouble is, we are in a society where there is no going back – even if we lose technology due to no power sources being available, things would never regress back to simpler times.  We will still collect technology only, instead of working and saving or serving the time of a contract to reach your eagerly anticipated upgrade date, we will steal, we will kill, we will rape and pillage.  We will regress too far back to the point where our more primal instincts come out.

The Walking Dead hits the nail on the head as to how we would be.  Yes, there would be good among us, but due to the strife and adversity even then, our sense of good will be bent to encompass our new environs.  It’s not about zombies or nuclear holocausts, it doesn’t matter how society collapses – the results would be the same.

My children will never know the simple pleasures of climbing trees and building dens using corrugated iron sheets, discarded pallets and tarpaulins and foraging for other scraps to make it more ‘homely’.  They have The Sims for that.

They will never know what it’s like to pretend fight with toy guns or lumps of wood fashioned into weapon-like objects because they have movies, games or even the ability to join the army and do it for real.

Running round woods for hours playing ‘Predator’ is no longer in.  Mainly because there are actual predators in the woods these days.  Our kids don’t play dead after encountering these ones…they get dead for real.

There’s no thrill of setting your alarm during the summer holidays to catch awesome cartoons at 6am because you can Sky+ them or they probably already have them on iTunes, DVD, Blu-ray or whatever the next for of physical media is.

There’s no rummaging through the droppage of a chestnut tree to pick the best ‘conker’ to dominate your friends with in competitions because there’s probably a DS game to simulate the entire thing.

There’s no playing with toy cars in the soil creating your own roads and taking down some insects as you’re cruising.  Why?  When they can play GTA and run PEOPLE over?  It’s more fun, for crying out loud!

No building with actual LEGO blocks any more because you can design virtual cities and play – no mess so what’s NOT to love?

You’d think I’m anti-tech based on this – and hypocritical considering I’m blogging, but I love tech.  I love GTA and now I have a bit more energy the amount of time I have spent in Skyrim has been significant.  The difference is, I had a good wholesome childhood and gamed from a young age but still had time to enjoy real life adventures.  You can’t get scars from playing videogames unless you fall off your top bunk because you’re staying up crazy late.

It’s almost like our kids’ childhoods are being lived by surrogates.

At The Brink

Got Brink today and I’m so chuffed it works on CFW KMEAW 3.55 using the modded EBOOT.BIN and the edited PARAM.SFO.

Graphically, the game seems really impressive so far and it reminds me a lot of Timesplitters (based on the human character models) and the over exaggerated muscles, jawlines and facial real estate.

Gameplay-wise it admittedly took me a little while to figure out what was going on.  Solo play sees you taking on team-based objectives with the AI (which so far seems to be up to scratch).  The gameplay itself reminds me of the typical team-based online multiplayer rounds such as Capture The Flag, Seek & Destroy etc.  It is quite similar to Star Wars Battlefront except most of the combat takes place inside narrow corridors and very tight rooms.

The action itself is pretty frenetic with kills, explosions, and blood practically everywhere.  Add into the mix the different character classes and abilities and you have hidden mines, operatives disguised as your team and turrets to contend with and make you rethink your strategy.

Seeing as I’m playing this on CFW I can’t try out the online aspects but I know for a fact that the action will be even more insane!

In terms of the game itself, it has had mixed reviews but for the points picked out so far, the only thing I can see if the repetitive aspect of the game but, lets be fair – so many big hitters are repetetive.  GTA: drive here, kill him, drive back.  Fallout: explore here, pick something up, kill some mutants, go back.  FIFA: Kick ball, pass, shoot, score, back to centre.

It may be too early to tell, but I really like the game and love the customisation options available based on XP and unlocked clothing, weapons and abilities.

So, for my first stab at a game review on here…I’m gonna give it…8/10.

To Live & Die (And Come Back To Life To Die Again) In New Austin


So the DLC was released on the 26th.  I bought it earlier today and spent a bit of time on the single player.

The gameplay is completely different to the normal Red Dead single player – it’s a helluva lot more frantic and ammo is sparse so, gone are the days of ammo-hoarding and complete and utter pwnage on the AI enemies.

Towns get overrun by the stinking cadavers and you can help surviving townsfolk reclaim their towns in a feat similar to the turf wars in San Andreas.  The zombies seem to be never-ending and you have to constantly check over your shoulder/pan the camera round to ensure so sneaky bastards get the better of you.

One thing that I was amazed by (and most people won’t appreciate this) was when I left Blackwater and made my way for Thieves’ Landing and I stopped by a hysterical fellow sat next to a body who appeared to be dead.  I assumed it was his friend and he clearly had been attacked by an undead ne’er-do-well.  Suddenly, the supposed dead chap lurches upwards only to have his head blown off by his buddy who then presses his own gun against his temple and blows his own brains out in an act of sheer desperation.  It seems like such a small and insignificant event but it truly immersed me in the world where many movies have tried to go but never seem to nail it.

No doubt there are plenty of delights such as this filling out, what I would class as, the best DLC for any game.  Ever.

As for the online side of things, I have only watched the live stream on the Rockstar site but I shall endeavour to get on there tonight because it looks amazing and even more carnage compared to the single player.

I’ll no doubt post something of more substance once I’ve racked up a respectable amount of (dead) dead bodies.

So, in the meantime, stay safe or stay dead.

E3 2010

E3 starts tomorrow until June 17th.  What an awesome birthday present it’d be to actually attend it!  But sadly I won’t.

On a more positive note, I can’t wait to see what comes out from Sony’s camp and of course the other cross-platform developers.

What I’m hoping for is some big news regarding Home and the PSN as well as what new treats could soon be on the shelves to spend any free time on!

A lot of people have blogged or posted on forums about their top 10 wants from E3 in regards to PS3 and I suppose I wanna jump on the bandwagon and share what I really wanna see happen at E3.

  1. More lush videos and shots of Fallout: New Vegas
  2. News on PSN+
  3. PS Home updates
  4. Metal Gear Solid Rising and details on a trophy patch for MGS4
  5. Final Fantasy XIV info
  6. Modern Warfare 3 (a longshot but I really hope this will happen some time!)
  7. Elder Scrolls V (for PS3…)
  8. GTA V
  9. Resistance 3
  10. Significant firmware update with Sky Player, Skype and any other apps…perhaps even an app section on the Store – and cross-game chat.

Grand Theft Auto

I was listening to my iPod the other day and I’ve practically got the entire GTA soundtrack collection but even though most of the tracks are awesome and based on in-game events each track has a well suited situation – i.e cruising on a motorbike pulling drive-bys and stunts to Billie Jean.

But even though there is such a fantastic, varied and recognisable tracklist throughout each installment, nothing quite beats the ORIGINAL GTA theme tune – “Joyride” by Da Shootaz.

It is just, put plainly, fucking fab!

Although, GTA IV’s theme tune is also pretty sweet!

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