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Sephiroth Cosplay Outfit

E3 2010

E3 starts tomorrow until June 17th.  What an awesome birthday present it’d be to actually attend it!  But sadly I won’t.

On a more positive note, I can’t wait to see what comes out from Sony’s camp and of course the other cross-platform developers.

What I’m hoping for is some big news regarding Home and the PSN as well as what new treats could soon be on the shelves to spend any free time on!

A lot of people have blogged or posted on forums about their top 10 wants from E3 in regards to PS3 and I suppose I wanna jump on the bandwagon and share what I really wanna see happen at E3.

  1. More lush videos and shots of Fallout: New Vegas
  2. News on PSN+
  3. PS Home updates
  4. Metal Gear Solid Rising and details on a trophy patch for MGS4
  5. Final Fantasy XIV info
  6. Modern Warfare 3 (a longshot but I really hope this will happen some time!)
  7. Elder Scrolls V (for PS3…)
  8. GTA V
  9. Resistance 3
  10. Significant firmware update with Sky Player, Skype and any other apps…perhaps even an app section on the Store – and cross-game chat.


So, am sat outside having a smoke in the sun – today and tomorrow to go until I’m off til the 4th of July. Gonna try and be productive and do some work around the house as well as thrash out a good few hours on Final Fantasy XIII and other Playstation related malarkey and spend some quality time with Seren.

The weekend doesn’t feel like it’s gonna shift it’s gonna shift it’s ass quickly enough!

PSN Issues

Well, I decided to go ahead and subscribe to Firstplay so I did and they’re happily downloaded apart from the last one which is still coming down.

Sounds all fine and dandy.

But no.

There are issues with the PSN Store whereby the free Minis won’t download because access to the store is nigh on impossible.

It took me numerous attempts to get on the Store to subscribe to Firstplay anyways.  With errors about it not being available in my country/region or just a black screen which would and still is eventually bringing up the error: (80023103).

A quick search on Google shows a few but not many people complaining of the issue (currently – a regular Google search shows posts going waaaaay back to last year and beyond.  I hate the new Google search layout but it came in handy for finding the latest posts!) but no info from Sony themselves so I’m left wondering how long this will be…

So I can’t get my free Minis to have a small, well needed break from FFXIII to keep me going and fight the good fight.

I’m upsettings.

Calling It A Night

Well, 7 Trophies in on Final Fantasy XIII and Seren woke up about 2 hours ago so been multitasking and it’s now taken it’s toll and I need my bed.

I will try and plod on tomorrow.

Just read up on the Treasure Hunter Trophy…not liking the look of trying to get that one.  Probably be easier than it sounds/looks.

Anyways, off to the land of nod I must go!

Final Fantasy XIII

Having spent approximately 8 hours on the game so far…it has me hooked.  The visuals are more stunning than Scarlettt Johansson…sorry Scarlett, I still love you though!

As for the gameplay, having played all of the previous Final Fantasy games bar Final Fantasy XI, it does take a little bit of getting used to but the tutorials cover the new features well without seeming monotonous and can be skipped (which I’m thankful for as I tend to replay them 3 or 4 times and that’s usually a deterrent if you can’t skip the cutscenes and tutorials etc.) and makes the game approachable for hardened FF fans as well as newcomers.

I’m looking forward to getting another Platinum Trophy on this but unlike the other games I’ve been scouring for trophies, I’m taking my time with this as I don’t want to spoil the story and disrespect this crystal (wink) of a game!

Anyways, best get back to it!

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