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DDP Yoga – Days 4 & 5

So much for my daily posts!  To be honest, I didn’t do DDP on day 4 nor did I really do anything.  Thursday was a washout – woke up with a killer headache, aching back and feeling sick and that stuck with me throughout the day.  I ended up falling asleep multiple times during the day so productivity was a meaningless concept.

Friday (day 5) was a bit better, still no DDP Yoga but I did go for a walk to get the kids from school and during the walk my back eased up massively.  The headache persisted throughout the day making this day 3 of a constant headache.  I’m putting it down to the fact I have stopped drinking coffee, this being day 4 of it, so I reckon it’s withdrawal.  Since stopping the coffee consumption, I have stuck to drinking water/squash and later last night I started to feel a bit better and the headache eased off a bit but still hurt like mad so I figured it was partly dehydration.  I am now making a point of trying to hit 8 pints per day.  Yesterday, I managed 6.

Now that it’s the weekend, I’m not sure how I’m going to get DDP Yoga done as the kids are gonna be running riot…perhaps I’ll try to get them to kinda join in.  The headache is still here and packing the usual punch I’ve endured for the most part since it started but the rest of my body feels better to the point I can manage a DDP workout.  Wish me luck!

DDP Yoga – Day 3 (Rest Day)

Getting outta bed this morning was tough – my back ached like I had actually had an encounter with Bane and gotten acquainted with his knee.  As the day progressed it eased up a bit but I decided to leave DDP for today – like I said before, I don’t want to overdo it and then never use it again so I’m taking it easy – but I did go for a lengthy walk.


I usually walk about 2.5 miles on any day I’m shifted in work but today I went down the Taff Trail and hit just over 4 miles.  It was a pretty decent walk and the rain wasn’t too bad.  Plus, I got to work my upper body as well as I was pushing the pram for most of it and my back felt awesome after a while.  It has started to ache a bit but not as bad as it was before the walk.  How it’ll feel tomorrow is another matter!

My main battle is remaining focused on being active.  During my long-term absence there were days I pushed myself to be active and ended up over-doing it and then being idle for a lenghty period of time.  I know that being idle is the worst thing to do when you have back pain but sometimes it just feels easier and I have always been a follower of the path of least resistance.  So, my main focus is to be active daily, DDP Yoga every other day and a walk on my ‘rest days’.  The walks should be a given considering I can walk the kids to/from school so that’s about 4 miles if I do both school runs…

Despite the aches and pains, I still feel pretty good.  My head feels clearer and I feel a bit more comfortable in myself  so at least there has been a noticeable change in such a short amount of time.


DDP Yoga – Day 2

I woke up this morning (no, I didn’t get myself a gun nor did Momma ever tell me I was the Chosen One) to a few aches in my arms and chest – evidently the little jaunt on DDP yesterday worked a few of the muscles that I don’t really work out much nowadays.  After the mini session yesterday, I had to walk to the school and pick the kids up and walk back (about 2 miles round-trip) and the walk killed my back.  But despite the aches in my arms, shoulders, chest and back I actually felt pretty good energy-wise and mentally.  It’s my third day of annual leave and I was up before any alarms went off, sorted the kids’ packed lunches out, did the washing up, cleaned out the cat’s litter tray and food bowl and put down fresh food and litter, sorted out the kids’ breakfast and that was all in the first hour of getting out of bed.  Usually I drag my heels and probably would have only managed to do the kids’ breakfast and packed lunches in that time.

Georgia normally has her nap around 11am so once she was up in her bed I decided to hit up the ‘Energy’ workout.  Clocking in at just under 25 minutes, it took my mind off the aches and pains and loosened up my back and hips.  I still haven’t got a heart-rate monitor but I could feel that the workout was working.  Some of the ‘moves, were a bit of a struggle due to the lack of flexibility/pain threshold so I modified where I could but still pushed myself to the point that I felt I would get some value out of today’s work out.

I still ache but it feels good as it’s pain for the right reasons.  I hope that this new found vigour that hit me this morning continues tomorrow and so on as it feels good to be productive and despite me being on annual leave, I don’t want to waste my time off – now is the time to work on myself and get any side projects I want to do started/finished so that I can maintain a focus and a drive that I so desperately need!

I know weight loss isn’t a focus at the moment but I wanted to track my weight out of curiosity.  Today, I weighed in at less than my usual weight (13st 5lbs/187lbs) and weighed in at 13st 0.5lbs/182.5lbs so we’ll see how that goes as time goes on.

As before, let me know how you’re getting on with DDP Yoga or any other programme you’re trying out and any thoughts you have.

As always, if you’re keen to try it, head on over to the official DDP Yoga site and if you want to check out the e-book you can get it from Amazon below!


DDP Yoga – Day 1

I tried my hand at DDP Yoga, or as it confusingly shows in the workouts, YRG.  I had a quick scan through the Breathing and Waking segments but before diving straight in, I figured I’d get acquainted with the moves aka The Diamond Dozen (of which there are 13 different moves).  My back has been especially bad over the past week and a half or so and I didn’t want to go into DDP with all guns blazing only to put myself off doing it.

So, after following what’s basically the introduction I felt pretty good.  My heart rate increased and I could feel my back loosening up and the pain relief as I followed the on-screen guru, Mr Diamond Dallas Page.  As with most fitness DVDs, there are suggested ‘modifiers’ – for those unfamiliar, these are where you can make certain moves/stretches/positions easier based on your physical ability/limitations but still getting a good workout until your body adapts to the point where you can imitate the ‘pros’.

Anything involving my right leg required me to kinda modify as the slipped disc is affecting my right side meaning my entire right leg isn’t terribly stable and suffers numbness so I mainly used my left leg or didn’t get as far down into stretches with my right.  But as the workout went on, I found I was able to use my right leg more and get more into the various stretches and so on as my spine loosened up and I opened up my hips.

It’s a long way to go before I see the results I want but it’s a start, especially as I’m still waiting for my referral to physio from the GP and I don’t want to spend this coming month lazing around and ending up kinda like I did whilst I was off work on long-term sick for like five months!

I don’t want to overdo it so I’m going to try out the ‘Energy’ workout and just progressively go through each workout to find the one that suits me or even alternate between a few to maintain interest and get a varied workout and then figure out how regularly I want to do it based on how each one goes.

It’s early days, but after just over 30 minutes I felt really good from it and I can see why a lot of people rave about the DDP Workout.  If you’re also doing it/have done it or are thinking about doing it, drop a comment below with your experience(s) and how it went or is going for you!

If you’re keen to try it, head on over to the official DDP Yoga site and if you want to check out the e-book you can get it from Amazon below!

DDP Yoga

So I’ve heard a lot, and I mean A LOT, about DDP Yoga.  I’ve seen videos over Facebook and what-not but the main reason is, as a listener of the Talk is Jericho Podcast, Chris Jericho talks about it a lot plus DDP Yoga is a sponsor of his.  I’ve refrained from watching any videos specifically covering the workouts on the discs themselves – I’ve seen folks doing it so I have an idea of the type of things that are entailed but I’m still kinda going in blind.

I saw this video on the DDP Yoga site when I first checked it out and looked at the various deals etc.  and then later saw it on Facebook and, to be fair, it’s pretty motivational.


I don’t expect or intend to get the results that this guy had – I’m marginally overweight based on my height and weight so weight loss isn’t an expected result but if it can help me with my back (prolapsed disc) and motivate me to the point that I take other exercise seriously such as getting back into running and so on as when I was doing that I was getting the weight back to my target weight as well as feeling much better in myself and noticed some impressive physical improvements such as muscle definition and more confidence .

Anyway, I digress – I am looking forward to diving into this DDP Yoga lark and seeing what it’s all about first-hand.  I’m off work for the next three days then in Saturday and then off again until December 2nd so I have a lot of time to do it and blog about any results and so on.  Plus, I pre-ordered Fallout 4 so being off work I won’t be walking 4-5 miles on my regular rostered days so if I get hooked onto DDP I can keep active and deter any further back problems.

I figured by saying I’m going to do it, it gives me more reason to actually give it a good go and less chance of me backing out – I doubt it’ll be difficult/overly challenging but the issue with so many get fit plans is that we start with the best intentions and then the desire fades as the novelty wears off.

If you have tried or are going to try it for yourselves, hit up the comments with your thoughts/experiences.

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