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System of a Down

Urgh, bad times!

My laptop is playing funny buggers – some of the keys stopped working so I took it apart and found my keyboard is a sealed unit so it’s a twat to replace!  After a bit of fiddling I ended up snapping some of the retainer clips so I now have more issues including the touchpad now not working.  Shitty considering it’s only a few months old.

Couldn’t happen at a worse time considering the fact my supplier are now stocking a whole load of Funko POP!s and I’ve started fulfilling pre-orders!

So, if you’re reading this and are also a customer – I apologise for any inconvenience and will do my best to work on – I can still use the laptop using an external keyboard and mouse so hopefully there will be no impact but if I have to send it away etc I will try and keep up with everything as best as I possibly can – thanks for your patience in advance!


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Carry On Rimming

So after yesterday’s battle and Googling the save data issue I spent the latter part of the day trying out Brute Force.  I spent a little bit of time on it and got nowhere – feeling as exasperated I was I decided to just forget the whole thing.  But me being me, ideas come to me as I’m lying in bed trying to sleep and they plague me so I was determined to sort it out today.

Last night, I ended up deleting EVERYTHING Skyrim related from my PS3 as I couldn’t even make a save file if I started a new game.  By doing so, it resolved that issue.

This morning, I then took my fresh save file and used it in Brute Force to suss out a way of getting it to patch my old save.  I followed this helpful video guide:

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Skyrimmed – FML

It’s been a long time since I’ve played my PS3 so I decided to fire up Skyrim – 168 hours invested in it so far and after having watched Game of Thrones I figured it’s the closest I can get to feeling like I’m in Westeros in a game.  Lo and behold, for some stupid reason my game is telling me my save belongs to another user and trophies cannot be gained nor will I be able to save.  The save is mine as are all 6 others and all of them are the same.

I’ve deleted game data, removed any updates and reinstalled and still the same.

I’ve tried using Brute Force to re-sign my game save to me and when copying it over I just get a message saying it’s corrupted.  I have a jailbroken PS3 so I even tried the built in file manager on Multiman and copied it that way – the save loads but same issue.  I’ve Googled it and followed everything I can find and I am still at a loss.  The only other thing I can think is my user profile on the console has no assigned PSN account (I deleted the user account and recreated it) and I can’t register a PSN account as my ID and console are banned (circumvention ban hammer).

So…anyone else have any other ideas?

Podcasting Questions

I’ve been thinking about podcasting for a while now…I listen to podcasts almost every day (trying to get caught up with all of my subscriptions) and figured I should do my own – especially as a tool to work alongside the Nerdgazzum brand.  But where to begin?  As I’ve said on my blog many times before, I lack creativity.  I want to do something that others don’t – if I have nothing new to bring to the table then why should I even show up?

So I turn to you, my readers…what would you like to have on a podcast from me?  I’d love to do it similar to Kevin Smith – a lot of fun but get down to business as and when required.  Also, how do I even begin?  Jot down an agenda/content?  Have a set format?  How do I do an intro and outro?  Can I use music – if so what do I need to do for permissions?

So many questions – I’m hoping folks who have or still record podcasts can give me some pointers.  I guess it doesn’t help at the fact I hate my voice and don’t like talking to strangers…

I’d be grateful for any advice/input…drop a comment below!

iPhone Troubleshooting

If, like a lot of users, you are having issues with your iDevice (especially after the iOS 5 update) and the 5Rs aren’t working out well for you, then this post will be invaluable.

Q.  Can’t send/receive e-mail?

Get an Android device

Q.  Having problems syncing music/contacts/calendar?

Get an Android device


Q.  Is your Reality Perception Filter  not displaying correctly?

Get an Android device

Q. Feeling claustrophobic in the limitations of your handset OS?

Get an Android device


Q.  Can’t connect to the internet ?

Get an Android device


Q.  Can’t make or receive calls?

Don’t listen to Steve Jobs, you don’t need to hold it in your right hand, have a ‘bumper’ or update your firmware.  Just get an Android device


Q.  Want to have a normal SIM card?

Get an Android device


Q.  Bought an iPhone?

Get an Android device

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