PS3 Yellow Light Of Death


Well, I never would have thought this would happen to me, having had a launch console and having no issues related to firmware updates etc. I figured my console was the überbeast of the next gen ensemble and then, yesterday, a sudden flash of light and then the dreaded 3 beeps.

After sheer panic and life flashing before my eyes, I figured Youtube would have the answer…or just Google.  There are some great guides out there but the one I am 99.9% certain will help me requires me to have a heat gun, heatsink and heatsink remover – click here to view it.

What I found interesting during my searches online, were the amount of people having the issue which I had barely heard of before and also, it had recently been on Watchdog.

Anyway, I have taken her apart and cleared out a shed load of dust and the reason I believe the above will be my fix is because of the fact the PSU doesn’t reek implying it’s been burnt out and the fan appears fine also.  What I did find when I prized her open was:


This is one of the symptoms noted on the web where the machine overheats causing the heatsink to crack etc.  I tried the hairdryer trick but that didn’t do anything.

Surprisingly the unit is easy to disassemble but can be a tad tricky to put back together…I ended up with 3 unused screws.  Couldn’t be bothered to relocate their homes seeing as I will be taking her apart again once I get the required tools to hopefully sort it.

One thing to be wary of, as you can imagine, are the scams out there.  There are a lot of guides where you’re asked to pay for them etc. and what shocked me more was I posted a few Tweets with the #LYOD hashtag and within seconds I had mentions where people were trying to force these scams on me…

Most people will swear by gilksy1’s guides on Youtube and I followed them to open the beast up but obviously couldn’t do the heatsink parts, but the guides are detailed and clear so anyone else unfortunate enough to suffer this issue should find this helpful.

As the “phat” PS3s are no longer sold most will be out of warranty unless you took extended cover – obviously, by doing this, your warranty will be void.

In the UK, from what I can find on the web, Sony charge you £130+ to repair YLOD issues which, if you can aford it, you could get a new console with some other games you don’t own and perhaps a larger hard drive.

I have a couple of reasons why I can’t/won’t do that:

  • Can’t afford it
  • Don’t want to give up the 4 USB ports and media card slots

One thing I should have picked up pn a long time ago, however, is the fact my console has been LOUD from day 1 – I just assumed this was normal for a beast of a machine but I also remember thinking it was odd hot air was blowing out of the fan when most other people I know who have PS3s blow nice cool air…hindsight; it’s a fantastic thing.

Stay tuned for an update when I can get this taken further!

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  1. Oh noes! I hope you do get it fixed with no adverse affects. I too own a launch PS3 and I really don’t want to lose it. The 60GB is the best in my opinion with the backwards compatibility, memory card slots and 4 usb ports. There’s no way I could replace that. My slim is great but just can’t beat all the nice features of my phat.

    Well much luck to you with repairs. I look forward to hearing how it goes.

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